Meredith Gordon receives the 2019 Tanne Foundation Award


In August of 2019, the Tanne Foundation announced that Meredith Gordon is a recipient of the Tanne Foundation Award. Tanne Awards recognize prior outstanding achievement by artists who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity. Meredith Gordon is one of ten artists from across the country to receive the Tanne Foundation 2019 award. Previous recipients have included choreographers, musicians, writers, visual artist, actors, performance artist, and sculptors. Meredith is grateful to be the first artist to receive the Tanne Foundation award as a clown.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Tanne Foundation awards recognize outstanding achievement and are an expression of gratitude to artists for their passion and commitment to their work. The foundation’s mission is to underscore the importance of supporting individual artists with unrestricted funding 

 Tanne Foundation website is here. 

An expert from the letter Meredith received from the Tanne Foundation

Dear Meredith
Art extracts a price. It demands that you open yourself, listen, see, be both adventurous and willing to fail. It asks that you venture towards what is not known, but is there and to reveal it to the community which needs to know but is not able to make the journey. Art extracts a price from the artists. One’s personal life, family life, home and income pay the price…..
In recognition for your achievement and dedication as an artist, the Tanne Foundation is pleased to
Foundation Trustee