Circus Arts Training


On July 2-4, I attended the Circus Arts Therapy Training at Carrie Heller’s Circus Art’s Institute. This training was an opportunity to step back and look at the social circus work I’ve been doing. I first began doing social circus work in 2001, with Cirque du Monde. That program thrived for about ten years. Eventually, the Atlanta Cirque du Monde program began to wind down as our local organization, The Bridge closed. Eventually the business model of our parent company, Cirque du Soleil changed, and the program finally came to an end in Atlanta around 2015.

Last year, I began to work with the social circus program at the Circus Arts Institute. It feels good to return to this work. The training at Circus Arts Institute hit the “sweet stop” addressing many of the fundament issues in the work. And more importantly,  giving some teaching approaches to get the best results from circus students. Thanks, Carrie!