The most handsome clown of all.


Dr. tiny and I were doing our musical yo-yo routine. dr tiny does his best yo-yo tricks while I play the ukulele. The patient was a 10-year-old Hispanic boy. He sat in his wheelchair and laughed as tiny went through his yo-yo repertoire. I supplied the musical accompaniment as dr. tiny’s yo-yo crawled up the spring and flew through the air.

After we finished the routine, we gave the family a postcard with pictures of all the clowns. I pointed to my picture indicating that the image was me and said this clown is guapo. The patient and the patient’s mother looked at me. I am assuming they agreed. Then, I pointed to dr. tiny and I said, this clown is feo. The patient and the mom looked at dr. tiny. tiny smiled as if he was a complement. He doesn’t know what “feo” means in Spanish. The patient and the mom chuckled. 

They asked to take a picture with us. We said sure! Mom handed off her phone to a friend. I told her friend in Spanish to count to three, then take the picture. We got into position as the friend with the camera counted, uno, dos …before the friend got to three, I farted! The patient paused, smiled and looked at his mom. Mom paused and looked at me. She said, “You are not guapo.” She pointed to dr. tiny and said with a laugh, “HE is guapo”! 

Meredith GordonComment